The XZENT X-202BT MkII, facelift of its predecessor, X-202BT, is a mature multimedia system with impressive functionality.
The X-202BT MkII comes with a new look with modern main menu design and 3-D icons. For ease of use, European engineers developed clean, modern and logically structured on-screen menus, targeting a totally stress-free mobile use.
The X-202BT MkII does not compromise on either ease of use nor functionality, which is duly confirmed by the full-fledged multimedia section: With its built-in CD/DVD drive, USB port and microSD/microSDHC card reader on the front of the device the X-202BT MkII can handle the playback of all modern media and A/V formats, including high-resolution videos.
Fine image detail at high light intensity is provided by the 6.2"/15.7 cm 16:9 TFT-LCD touchscreen display with LED backlighting, anti-glare coating and a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.
The XZENT moniceiver features a HDMI C input on the device front, to connect Android based compatible smartphones or tablets with the X-202BT MkII (additional adapter cable GBA-XHDMI is required). Thus, screen content of the smartphone is easily transferred to the XZENT touchscreen display.
An FM RDS tuner with DSP ensures crystal-clear radio reception at all times thanks to selective noise masking of weak FM station broadcast signals.
The integrated, well-equipped Bluetooth module of the X-202BT MkII convinces with its excellent voice intelligibility and scores further with smooth phonebook transfer and six directly accessible contact favorites. Music stored on the mobile phone can be played back and conveniently controlled via the X-202BT MkII touchscreen and A2DP.
Anyone who puts emphasis on sound quality is certainly right with this innovative moniceiver. For individual sound tuning, the X-202BT MkII has an integrated 4 x 40 watts amplifier onboard together with an equalizer with five different sound-presets and 4.1 audio line-outs.
Equipped with two video outputs and one A/V input for the connection of other signal sources โ€“ monitor or a backup camera โ€“ XZENT's moniceiver can be expanded at any time.
Successful integration into the vehicle is also taken care of: The Tricolor button illumination in three different colors allows match with the cockpit illumination of the most common car models.


  • X-202BT Mk2 Main menu
  • X-202BT Mk2 Video screen
  • X-202BT Mk2Button illumination
  • Optimized ease of use
    The clearly designed menus are self-explanatory and intuitive to operate. Large buttons ensure that the XZENT can be controlled in safety.
  • High-resolution display
    The X-202BT MkII is equipped with a TFT LCD panel that ensures brilliant and crisp images of high contrast, due to its resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.
  • Tricolor button illumination
    The Tricolor button illumination enables match with the cockpit lighting of most common car models. There is a choice of three colors.
  • X-202BT Mk2 HMI design
  • X-202BT Mk2 FM Tuner
  • X-202BT  Mk2 Bluetooth
  • Individual GUI choice
    The X-202BT MkII contains a selection of different wallpapers allowing users to customize the graphical user interface to best suit personal tastes.
  • FM Tuner with DSP
    The XZENT features an FM tuner with DSP to provide noise masking for low level FM station broadcast signals and radio playback of improved clarity.
  • Easy connections
    You can connect up to 3 mobiles to the X-202BT MkII, each having 1,000 contacts. The address book of the mobile synchronizes automatically.
  • X-202BT Mk2 HDMI
  • X-202BT Mk2 Tuner
  • X-202BT Mk2 Rear view camera
  • HDMI C input
    The XZENT moniceiver features a HDMI C input, to connect Android based compatible smartphones or tablets with the X-202BT MkII.
  • Multimedia on the move
    Integrated CD/DVD loader, USB port and microSD/microSDHC card reader โ€“ for the multimedia part XZENT's X-202BT MkII is well prepared.
  • Easy parking and maneuvering
    You can also easily connect a rear-view camera to the X-202BT and conveniently control it via the touchscreen of the naviceiver.