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XZENT dealers

XZENT is a brand owned by the company ACR Braendli & Voegeli AG, Europe's largest specialist for car media. XZENT products are available at authorized ACR dealerships.

You can find an overview of distributors and/or specialty retailers for XZENT product available in various EU and Non-EU countries on

Competent advice is very important these days, especially for products with a wide scope of functions and a certain complexity. The biggest advantage of the specialty retailers is that products of choice can be tested and experienced on site, to familiarize yourself with the functions of a selected device.

On request, XZENT specialty retailers also provide installation service for XZENT multimedia and navigation systems, making sure a product can reach its full performance in a given target vehicle.

Also of some importance is the large selection of supporting accessories for a selected main device, like for example a variety of rear view cameras, antennas, adapters, interfaces, and so on. As well as car audio components to improve the sound quality of a vehicle, such as speakers, passive and active subwoofer boxes and amplifiers.