X-422 · 2-DIN Infotainer / Naviceiver with DAB+, USB and Bluetooth

The X-422 is a 2-DIN infotainer from XZENT that scores with an ideal combination of product features in many areas. The X-422 multimedia system features a clean and neat front panel, combining a large 6.5" / 16.5 cm capacitive touchscreen with four sensor buttons and a convenient rotary encoder for volume on the left side. The X-422 not only impresses with modern entertainment functions, uncomplicated vehicle integration, and easy operation. The XZENT is also an intelligent solution for those who want a versatile sat nav. With one of two navigation packages available as an option, the X-422 can easily be expanded to a well equipped naviceiver for cars (with X-MAP22FEU) or motorhomes (with X-MAP22FEU-MH).

Xzent: X-422 2-DIN multimedia system image

Capacitive TFT LCD display

The X-422 comes with a capacitive 6.5"/ 16.5 cm TFT touchscreen display. The totally clear glossy touch panel offers high brightness, clarity and lifelike colour reproduction.

Variable illumination color

The key illumination of the four sensor buttons can be adjusted in any color tone for optimum compatibility of the X-422 with the night illumination color of different vehicle brand cockpits.

Shorter housing body

The housing depth of the X-422 is reduced by approx. 20 mm compared to other 2-DIN device models. This is due provides ample space for the connections and cables when installing the device.

Easy Connect

With the Easy Connect function, you can connect your Android smartphone via USB directly to the X-422 and mirror the screen content of your mobile phone on the infotainer's display. You can then operate your apps, including your navigation apps, very comfortably via the touchscreen display of the X-422.

GUI Easy Connect for Android

DAB+ and FM – optimal radio reception

The X-422 also provides the best mobile entertainment and digital radio reception with its “par excellence” integrated DAB+ tuner. In areas without DAB+ broadcasting, the sensitive FM RDS tuner provides an excellent reception of conventional FM radio stations.

DAB+ tuner

Thanks to its integrated DAB+ single tuner with MOT Slideshow, DLS-text and DAB-DAB service following, the X-422 provides crystal clear digital radio reception.

GUI DAB+ Tuner digital radio

RDS FM Radio

The integrated analog FM RDS tuner has a software DSP for clear, interference- and noise-free radio reception with RDS text display and 18 preset stations.


Multimedia and Sound

For multimedia playback the X-422 offers two USB ports supporting all the usual audio and video file formats, including FLAC and WAV. In addition, there is a microSD card reader and an HDMI interface for the connection of multimedia devices or smartphones with an HDMI output. The second USB port connects to iOS based Apple devices, supporting the “Made for iPod/iPhones” functionality.

Xzent: X-422 2-DIN multimedia system street

A/V playback

Two rear USB ports, made for iPod/iPhone and a broad media-file com­pa­tibility – the X-422 is well prepared and ideally equipped for the latest A/V format playback.

A/V playback via USB

HDMI input

The HDMI input allows connection of mul­­timedia devices and smartphones with HDMI output to the X-422 for playback of audio and video content.

HDMI input

Bluetooth hands-free kit

The Bluetooth hands-free system with internal microphone automatically synchro­­nizes the phone book entries of paired smartphones, for immediate avail­­a­bility. The A2DP Bluetooth music streaming further improves the device versatility.

  • Bluetooth hands-free function
  • Memory-resident phonebook with direct access to sync’d contacts
  • Dialling shortcut for 6 favourite contacts
  • Internal Bluetooth microphone
  • A2DP BT-music streaming with AVRCP 1.0
Bluetooth hands-free function

More functions X-422

Reversing camera connections

The XZENT X-422 features two RCA video inputs (Cam1/Cam2) to connect two camera systems (front/rear or rear/rear) with switched power and auto switching logic.

Rear-View camera connections

CAM sensor key

In addition to the FAV button configurable via the system settings, the X-422 offers a CAM hard key on the front panel of the device, allowing manual control of the rear-view camera.

CAM sensor key

Learning interface for SWC integration

The X-422 provides an “SWC assignment“ in the setup menu, to assign steering wheel remote control buttons. This solution covers vehicles with analogue SWC, upon which the purchase of additional vehicle-specific stalk or SWC interfaces becomes obsolete.

Learning interface for SWC

360° view X-422

Key Features

  • 2-DIN DAB+ infotainer
  • Capacitive 6.5"/ 16.5 cm 16:9 touchscreen display
  • Graphical user interface supporting 10 different EU languages
  • Power supply for DAB+ active antennas (12 V)
  • HOME / FAV / CAM and NAV sensor buttons
  • RGB multicolor key illumination
  • IR remote control
  • Programmable steering wheel interface (analogue)

Multimedia and audio

  • DAB+ receiver with MOT slideshow and DLS-text
  • FM RDS radio with DSP noise masking
  • Two USB 2.0 ports on device backside (≥ 1000 mA charging support)
  • EasyConnect for Android smartphones (dual protocol support)
  • Made for iPod/iPhone
  • A2DP BT-music streaming with AVRCP 1.0
  • 10-band graphical equalizer with 14 predefined sound-profiles
  • 4 x 40 watts amplifier


  • Bluetooth hands-free module
  • Memory-resident phonebook with direct access to sync'd contacts
  • Dialling shortcut for 6 favourite contacts
  • Internal Bluetooth microphone


  • 4.2 RCA line pre-outs (3 V)
  • 2 x RCA video inputs for two camera systems with switched power supply and auto switching for manoeuvring and parking (CVBS)
  • 1 x RCA video output (CVBS, NTSC)
  • 1 x RCA A/V input with NTSC/PAL auto switching (CVBS)
  • 1 x HDMI input for accessories and HDMI compatible mobile devices
  • 1 x IR-In input for connection of an external CAN/SWC interface

User Manual

Quick Start Guide Nav Software

Manual Nav Software


Product video – German
Product video – English

v1.3 – up-to-date

New software update v1.3 available.

Devices shipped to dealers after July 2020 have v1.3 pre-installed. This update is available since 2020-JUL-12

If you do not find an answer to your question, you can also send your query to our Support Department at: support@xzent.com. Depending on the volume of queries received, it may not be possible to reply immediately. To avoid callbacks please also state the type of device and other details, such as software version, and any other useful information.

Accessory and scope of delivery

Does the X-422 set accessory include a DAB antenna?

No, a DAB antenna is not included. We suggest using an active DAB antenna because the X-422 supports internal phantom power. Connector at antenna should be SMB [f] on XZENT a SMB [m] is used.

Does the X-422 set accessory include GPS antenna?


Does the set accessory include a HDMI cable?

No, but we offer optionally GBA-HDMIBOX (1 x HDMI, 2 x USB) for X-422.

Can I use the GBA-XHDMI cable on my X-422?

No, the cable is suited for usage on X-302BT MkII and X-202BT MkII with miniTypeC connector and MHL support.


On ignition of the engine my XZENT device powers off and reboots again.

XZENT units include a low-voltage protection to avoid undersupply for certain integrated circuits (ICs) that may not work properly without correct and steady supply voltage. Please consult your car service point or car garage to review your car´s battery and wiring.

Mounting / Installation

Which requirements does my car have to fulfill that the XZENT unit can be installed?

You need a 2-DIN slot for X-422. Depending on your car brand and model you may also need a CAN/STALK adapter or a mounting/installation kit. Your XZENT dealer may assist you here in detail.

I don't use the optional navigation card at X-422, do I need to connect the GPS antenna?

Yes, we suggest to connect it because the device does also sync date and time via GPS signal.

Which requirements does the SWC learning interface of the X-422 have for the programmable SWC keys?

Only analog SWCs are supported. Please refer to the A3-size paper wiring diagram included at the accessory about the wire connection. Many XZENT dealers may offer this service to you. Alternatively you can also purchase an optional car specific Stalk interface via IR-IN (see next FAQ entry).

Can I operate my XZENT device with my existing steering wheel control (SWC) elements?

Your SWC may be connected with an optional CAN/Stalk adapter. Details of functions (such as Mute, Pickup, Volume, Skip) are depending on the CAN/Stalk adapter itself. Please also note that your selected CAN/Stalk interface must be compatible to the XZENT IR/IN interface and also that an optional adapter cable ZEZ-XZENTLEAD is needed. Please contact your local XZENT dealer for further assistance. X-422 also offers another connection option see previous listed FAQ entry.

Can I use the built-in OE hands free system of my car?

No, this is not possible. Stated models of XZENT already include a hands free feature. To avoid inter operability issues it is strongly suggested to deactivate your car's built-in OE hands free system. You can do this by removing the correct fuse for that part (please read your car's manual).

My car owns an active FM-antenna type. Do I need an antenna feed adapter?

The X-422 needs power active antennas via P.ANT cable.

Can I use a custom background wallpaper from my SD-card or USB flash drive?

No. The background wallpapers are stored in EEPROM which is limited and not directly accessible to SD or USB data ports.


Does the device generate lines for the camera view and are they dynamically following the steering wheel position?

No, the device does not generate any lines for the camera view. In case you prefer camera lines, you should purchase a camera model which draws the lines by the camera itself.


How do I connect my mobile phone?

You need to connect your XZENT via your smart phone. Your XZENT device is only visible to other Bluetooth devices if you enter the BT-source of your XZENT with active page BT-Settings & More, respectively press the Smartphone Icon on X-422 (see manual).

XZENT request a PIN to pair, what shall I enter?

You will find this information also in your manual – please enter four times zero (0000). At X-422 the set PIN will also be displayed at lower bottom of the screen in pair list mode.

Can I edit a saved favorite contact?

It is not possible to edit favorites. However, you have to delete and re-assign a new contact after you refreshed the downloaded phonebook on your XZENT device.

Changes in contacts of my smartphone are not adopted automatically?

Your smartphone contacts will only be downloaded after your confirmation during the first connection after search&pair. Any later changes made to your contacts must be refreshed manually (see manual).

Is there a search function for contacts in the phonebook?

No, the device does not implement a database for search. We suggest to save your most used contacts as a favorite. You can assign up to 6 of them.


What do I need to consider on usage of USB/SD for media playback?

Please make sure your SD-cards/USB-sticks are FAT32 formatted. XZENT suggests using high quality products with a maximum of 32 GB capacity. Higher capacity may work but is not guaranteed.

New added folders are added on the end of the XZENT mediaplayer list?

The XZENT mediaplayer does not run on a OS like Windows or MacOS. Files will be read as created 1 by 1 which means that later added files are saved on higher memory addresses. You can compare this to a CD-R disc, where the read sequence is from inside to outside and later added data to a multisession disc will be appended at the end.

What is the sequence of the folder presented by the XZENT mediaplayer on the GUI?

X-422 sorts the folder alphanumerically.

Is it possible to play A/V files from my smart phone?

It is not officially supported via USB. However, some phones may offer a simplified USB access option (please check your smart phone manual). It is possible with to play audio and music via Bluetooth A2DP.

My USB/SD device is not detected by XZENT even after new format.

It may happen that the file system of your device is damaged: by high frequent write/re-write cycles, inappropriate usage (including storage), errors on first format or some other reasons. Windows OS for example offers 2 different ways of format, quick-format and full-format. In such problem cases it is advised to use full-format and make sure you use FAT32 as file system. Note: if even after full format, your data devices are still not detected, it may result from an incompatibility of data carrier controller-ICs. Please try a different brand/maker.

Is there an automatic volume increase on broadcasted traffic announcements?

No, depending on the device a pop up prompting “Traffic announcement” or an Icon is displayed if the function is set ON.

I want to mirror music and videos wirelessly using Wi-Fi on the screen of the X-422, so I need the GBA-WIFI HDMI Dongle, available as an accessory. Which smartphones are compatible with the GBA-WIFI dongle?

For Miracast mode at least Android 4.4 or higher is needed. In DNLA mode, depending on the source device manufacturer, Airplay requires iOS5 or higher. Additionally, check the smartphone's product info. Please make sure that the dongle is set to the correct mode.

I want to use the GBA-WIFI dongle. Which source devices would be compatible?

All display devices (like a TV) with a standard HDMI type A input, such as the X-422, may use it as target display. Additionally, a 5 V DC power source (e.g. USB) is required. We suggest using our extension cable GBA-HDMIBOX.


Is there navigation voice guidance without entered new route?

Please consider that you might have missed to cancel route guidance after you arrived at your last destination. Without confirmation on arrival at your destination or explicit cancel in case you arrived at a waypoint and did not wish to continue, the system will keep the active route guidance in memory. It is suggested when you are closing in to your final destination to be at the live map view of the navigation mode where the system will prompt "Did you arrive at your destination?" If you confirm, the route guidance will be stopped. If you are in a different source like tuner or USB mode and use navigation in background please switch to the navigation mode as soon as the nav-voice announces that you will arrive shortly.

No GPS signal or frequently nav-voice prompts for new calculated route.

There are multiple issues that may lead to such problems. Please check the place and position of your GPS-receiver which is usually behind the windscreen on the dashboard. The fixation of the GPS-receiver may have suffered due to vibrations and bumpy roads. Another reason can be your park position or parking time (extended period, metal constructions or concrete walls may cause interferences such as reflections and shield your receiver from GPS satellites). Please also take note that in case if you need precisely route guidance, you should check the GPS signal before you start to drive around and before you enter an address for route guidance, otherwise the system may need extended time to do the so called sat-fix, which is best and fastest if you and the car has clear view to the sky.

Can I use my cars OE GPS antenna?

Most GPS antenna own a so called FAKRA connector which can´t be directly connected to the XZENT device (screw type coupling mechanism). It is strongly suggested to use the provided and included XZENT GPS antenna to avoid any interoperability issues.

My XZENT device does incorrect route navigation or some roads and addresses are not available.

Please ensure that your map content is the latest available version offered to you. Map content updates are provided with up to 6 months delay. In case you own the latest available content, you can report TomTom map modifications at TomTom (Account required).

Where do I find further mapping materials?

XZENT has a close cooperation with Naviextras. Further materials and additional tools to download and maintain your navigation software you can find at: Naviextras

I'd like to use a different non XZENT navigation card for X-422, which configuration do I need for my navigation software?

Please use: port=2, baud=9600, according to the wide variety of software companies we cannot give detailed instruction on every single case. Please refer to your navigation SW provider for detailed information on configuration.


Why do I need software updates?

We provide in periods system enhancements and increased compatibility for Bluetooth, to keep your device up to date with the latest software.

Where do I get XZENT software updates?

As soon as released you can find them on our XZENT homepage at: Support > Software updates.

Optional navigation bundles for XZENT X-422

If navigating via an app is not enough you can easily upgrade the X-422 to a fully-fledged naviceiver. For this XZENT provides two different navigation software packages on microSD card: the X-MAP22FEU for normal cars, and the X-MAP22FEU-MH for motorhomes. Both packages offer maps with coverage of 47 European countries, more than 6.5 million POI, realistic 3D rendering and Auto-Zoom, a lane assistant displaying freeway traffic signs, as well as free map updates for one year.

Screenshot - High-resolution 3D maps
High-resolution 3D maps
Screenshot - Unequivocal route guidance
Unequivocal route guidance
Screenshot - More than 6.5 million POI
More than 6.5 million POI
Screenshot - X-MAP22FEU-MH: vehicle profiles
X-MAP22FEU-MH: vehicle profiles
Screenshot - X-MAP22FEU-MH: Camping POI
X-MAP22FEU-MH: Camping POI
Screenshot - X-MAP22FEU-MH: route planing
X-MAP22FEU-MH: route planing

X-MAP22FEU for cars

  • microSD card (8 GB) based 3D navigation system with coverage of 47 EU countries*
  • Premium POI bundle with more than 6.5 million destinations
  • Realistic 3D rendering of terrains and landmarks, city centers, and road turns/exits
  • 3D Auto-Zoom at crossings and roundabouts, lane assistance with display of highway traffic signs
  • Tunnel-View
  • Voice guidance in 29 EU languages
  • Printed navigation Quick-Start-Guide in the languages GER / UK / IT / FR / NL / CZ
  • TMC function
  • 1 year map update subscription

*The navigation software is not part of the set content of the X-422.

X-MAP22FEU-MH for motor homes

  • microSD card (8 GB) based 3D navigation system with coverage of 47 EU countries*
  • Configurable vehicle profiles for passenger cars, motor homes, caravans, trailers, trucks (height, width, length, weight, trailer)
  • Caravaning + camping POI bundle with 20,000 EU destinations (on-screen languages GER / UK / IT / FR / NL / CZ)
  • Premium POI bundle with more than 6.5 million destinations
  • Realistic 3D rendering of terrains and landmarks, city centers, and road turns/exits
  • 3D Auto-Zoom at crossings and roundabouts, lane assistance with display of highway traffic signs
  • Tunnel-View
  • Voice guidance in 29 EU languages
  • Printed navigation Quick-Start-Guide in the languages GER / UK / IT / FR / NL / CZ
  • TMC function
  • 1 year map update subscription

*The navigation software is not part of the set content of the X-422.