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XZENT product support

XZENT is a brand owned by ACR Braendli & Voegeli AG. In the aftermarket, XZENT products are exclusively available from authorized ACR specialty retailers, represented by a broad network of dealers and importers/distributors in EU and non-EU countries.

XZENT grants a 2-year factory product warranty on XZENT items on issues originating from manufacturing flaws and defects..

For general product, installation or support questions, please always contact the retail partner where the product was purchased. In the case of devices installed ex-works in motor homes it is usually advisable to contact the support department of the motor home manufacturer first, because of the vehicle-specific antenna systems or other specific pre-conditions.

An overview of all dealer addresses and a list of European importers/distributors can be found on the ACR homepage

Before you contact a dealer or distributor, we recommend you to read over the device-specific FAQs on the respective product page. There you will find a list of frequently asked questions and problems with practice-oriented suggestions and possible solutions.

If neither our FAQ section nor your local specialty retailer can help you, please open a support ticket. Please note that due to the number of questions received, a response from Level2 XZENT product support department can take up to 72 hours. There is no immediate processing of tickets issued on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.